Teacher Profile

Senya Borrelli

Oakley, CA, United States
Certified Teacher







Senya has always had an undeniable passion for music. She is excited to bring this passion of music to others and enable her students to express themselves through self-generative musicality. Teaching the tools to create music, as well as training children and adults, to use their imagination to build, compose and bring into existence musical creations of their own.Senya’s 27 years of musical background and experience has allowed her to identify the unlimited potential of early childhood music & movement education as well as improvisation and composition at an early age. Senya’s musical background includes playing piano, singing and studying the voice. She started piano lessons at the age of 8. At 17 years old Senya auditioned and was accepted into the Judy Davis Studio of Oakland, California. A world renownd Voice Coach to the Stars. Here she gained the vocal strength and power she never thought possible. During these years and beyond Senya continued to perform as a solo vocalist in various bands and spent time in the recording studio. Senya enjoys teaching Early Childhood Music & Movement, Preschool Piano, & (beginner-advanced) Piano & Voice Lessons. She is a Certified Teacher with the world leader of playing based music education; Simply Music Piano. This playing based method has students of all ages playing contemporary, classical, accompaniment and blues piano from their very first lessons!