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Robert Relly

Olathe, KS, United States
Advanced Teacher


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I have played music worldwide for over 3 decades. I started with private lessons as a boy and continued study at Virginia Tech under jazz great  Joe Kennedy. I went on to play in many bands, ensembles, world tours and on various recordings. I’ve been blessed to play in venues ranging from  Radio City Music Hall , an outdoor performance for 120,000, to a broadcast for 20 million viewers on  German National Television. I’ve played in jazz bands, blues bands, rock bands and led worship in churches around the Midwest.

Recently, I’ve worked as a recording engineer, played guitar with the band Waking Lucy and played bass for The Bluesmen featuring singing legend  Eugene Smiley .

I am a homeschool dad of 4 and have taught piano, bass and guitar over the past 2 decades. I have taught all ages and many learning types including students with learning challenges such as autism, disgraphia, dispraxia, and dyslexia. I love what I do and am humbled by the great honor of working with my amazing students.


Thank you for “coaching” Ryan into the performer he has become. He was just awarded the gold award (a score of 1–the highest attainable score) in the recent Missouri State music competition for piano!! He received another score of 1 for his performance! We have YOU to thank!

Caryn C

Robert has abundant knowledge about music and learning music, but the value of the last nine years isn’t only in the musical acumen my children have gained. Robert has invested in their minds and souls alike and they love music, love learning music and have been challenged in countless ways. The investment our family made to pursue music for the kids with Robert was, without question, one of our best decisions as parents.

Sarah G

With Mr. Relly’s direction, my children have developed a deep love of the piano and a true understanding of music. This understanding goes far beyond just reading the notes on the page. Mr. Relly gives them the tools to understand chord structures, intervals, accompaniment, time signatures, and jazz scales and progressions, etc. And he teaches all of this in a way that is fun and easy for children to grasp.

But Mr. Relly does far more than teach piano. It was clear to me early on that Mr. Relly truly cares for his students. He makes each child that walks in his studio feel important and valued. He can sense when they are having a bad day and always seems to say the right things to help them through it. He celebrates all their life accomplishments, music related or otherwise, with a genuine joy. Mr. Relly has been instrumental in helping my children build confidence as musicians and human beings. We are so grateful to have him as our piano teacher.

Amy D


Robert is an exceptional teacher and person. He is very knowledgeable and committed to helping each student learn at his/her own pace. He incorporates a wide variety of learning strategies to make lessons effective and enjoyable. He genuinely cares a lot for each of his students. He is respectful, kind, patient, and a good listener.

Theresa S


Robert is a thoughtful, patient, intentional and gracefully focused teacher. He is an absolute joy to our family. Our experience with Robert has surpassed all of our expectations for a piano teacher!

Andrea J


Roberts innovative techniques make learning even difficult concepts easy. Robert helps his students engage and the Simply Music method let’s his students play real music from their very first lesson. Robert is incredibly patient and tuned in to each individual student. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Christi H