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Rebecca Nichols

Clinton, UT, United States
Certified Teacher



(801) 774-9488




I am a classically trained piano player, with 40 years of experience, and could read any music put in front of me. But, my relationship was with the music, not the piano. Additionally, after nine years of teaching traditional piano I was ready to quit because of frustrations. I needed a change professionally and personally.
Simply Music came along at the perfect time and addressed every concern I had about teaching piano, as well as helping me become a well rounded musician who can now sit for an hour and play without music. In addition to teaching, playing at church and for my own pleasure, I have been a part of two different bands where I read tab, or sight read complicated syncopated rhythms (and do it better than I ever thought possible–all because of Simply Music).
After I was introduced to Simply Music, I transferred my whole traditional studio over. I have now taught Simply Music for over 6 years and truly love the program and everything it has done for my personal piano playing, and as a teacher, and look forward to teaching days.
I teach on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the afternoon from my home studio, and follow the traiditional school scheudule for Davis County for breaks.
If you are ready to start on your musical journey, or even renuew things you learned in your youth, come join us!