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Rachel Nelson

Licensed Teacher Layton, UT, United States
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Rachel's Piano Studio


About me

As someone who was classically trained on the piano, I can honestly say that I always felt like I had huge gaps in my knowledge.  When asked to improvise for a high-school choir piece, write a short song for a friend, or create a medley of a few songs for church, I felt completely overwhelmed.  I could play Rachmaninoff, yet I could not write a new ending to a piece of music without great difficulty.  It seemed so inconsistent and illogical.

Finding Simply Music has felt like finding that last missing piece to the puzzle.  And I am so excited to be able to share that with my students.  I get to help them have the opportunities I never had, and get excited about doing the things I never could.  This method truly is a gift for anyone willing to open up to what it has to offer.

Having the ability to express my emotions and experiences through music has been an amazing blessing in my life… that I wish everyone could benefit from.  I love that this method provides a way for anyone to feel connected to their musical potential and to capitalize on that potential so quickly.  It is a beautiful thing to be expressive through music!