Teacher Profile

Margaret-Anne Canet-Senior

Inglewood, WA, Australia
Certified Teacher





I learnt traditional piano for 7 years as a child. I always wanted to return to piano but the thought of theory and sight reading was overwhelming. In my later adult years I found the gift of Simply Music. I have been a certified teacher since 2011 and rejoice in the joy of learning, playing and teaching which has been life changing. I love sharing this wonderful program with others. I teach singles and duos and personalise my approach to suit the student. My teaching experience comes from many years as a professional dance teacher but my skills are enhanced thanks to  Simply Music piano method. The philosophy and amazing approach of the programs creator, Neill Moore, is insightful and the training resources and support is infinite ensuring teachers can provide the very best of the students in our care.

Hours of operation are Monday – Saturday and accommodate students availability. Tuition continues through school holidays and breaks are taken over the Easter and Christmas season.