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Kristi Phillips

Heber City, UT, United States
Licensed Teacher


Phone+1 435-671-7824

Kristi Phillips Music Studio

Additional services
  • I provide lessons for students with special needs
  • I teach Simply Music Gateway

I LOVE Simply Music.  I found this program 10 years ago, as a seasoned Music Together teacher looking for the correct bridge from early childhood music and movement programs into formal music lessons.  I want to teach children to speak the language of music so it becomes a companion to them for their whole life- Music should be used as a tool to navigate the ups and downs of life experience, not just as a skill to learn and perform.  I am also  a board certified music therapist and work contractually as a hospice music therapist with an additional certification in palliative and end of life care.  I have knowledge in the dialectical behavior therapy model (DBT) and use it in my music therapy work.   I developed a booming piano studio within my realm of scheduling capabilities while continuing to work my music therapy contracts at 15 hours a week.  Now, I have not been accepting new students for 5 years while I considered my teaching and professional goals.  I want to keep a small studio of 1-2 classes of simply music with a few select, private students smattered in between.  These private students are either those with special physical, social, emotional needs or those that want to keep music in their life and aren’t sure their commitment level.  I’d like to be that teacher for them, to keep them hanging on at whatever level they are willing and able to, in their busy and social lives.  In addition to music reading of all styles through early advanced, I Love to teach improvisation and basic songwriting as well as practical theory fit for those reading lead sheets and prep for being a member of a band or jam session.