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Kirsten Rielly

Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
Licensed Teacher



West Harbour Piano Studio



Additional services
  • I provide lessons for online students

I studied classical piano and took music as an academic subject throughout my school years. I am immensely grateful for the learning and skills I developed during these years. As can happen with many students though, my playing fell by the wayside in adult life for various reasons. I went on to study English Literature and Librarianship at university, and now hold a Bachelor of Arts, a Master of Arts (Hons), and a Master of Library and Information Studies.

A few years ago, I was able to get back to playing the piano and refresh much of my knowledge. But, I wanted more! I discovered the Simply Music programme in February 2020, and haven’t looked back since! The Simply Music method of teaching piano is simply revolutionary. It is such a rich programme full of wonderful music across different genres right from the beginner levels. Add to that composition, improvisation, accompaniment, and arrangements and you have all the ingredients to begin developing a well-rounded musician right from a student’s first months and years.

If you have ever wanted to learn to play the piano or if you would like your child to learn to play the piano, give the Simply Music method a go. For complete beginners, it starts by building a solid foundation that will allow you to develop musical self-expression and have music as a lifelong companion. If you have some prior knowledge, this programme will enrich your musical experience. And, you will have so much fun along the way!