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Kerry Verdon

Reservoir, VIC, Australia
Advanced Teacher


Phone+61 411 623 214

Key Magic Music Studio,





Additional services
  • I provide lessons for online students
  • I provide lessons for students with special needs

Kerry Verdon Teaches On Line lessons. Can teach over the phone and in person to person set up. When we can, we do in person lessons so even if you are interstate, if either of us travel, we can arrange to have a lesson. These lessons always lend themselves to more understanding in the online lessons as to how or why’s what we do.

Kerry also teaches the Gateway Program for Speical Needs.Kerry has been teaching Simply Music since 2000 and is currently teaching at her Malvern East and Reservoir studios. As a child between the ages 8 – 10 Kerry taught herself to play pieces such as Moon Light Sonata, Fur Elise, Greensleeves, accompnaiment pieces, some compositions, and ‘ditty’ tunes. Kerry’s first lesson however wasn’t until she was 39 years of age. After Kerry had experienced the Simply Music method of playing she was inspired to become a teacher to help others fulfill their dream in being able to play the piano, a dream she thought would never come true for herself. Kerry teachers from ages 4 to teens to adults to seniors.”I have found Simply Music method of playing the piano to be profound, wonderful and most enjoyable experience not only for myself but also for my students. I love it when they come bounding in, children and adults alike, ready for more of what Simply Music and I have to offer them.”Kerry not only teachers the Simply Music method she also worked at the Head Office as Administrative Officer during the day for many years. Kerry is passionate about SM and where it is growing and wants more to join her in this growth.Kerry has been involved with organising conferences for the teachers of Simply Music since 2011. She has also started up regular monthly meetings with the Melb teachers and regular term Playshops for any teachers interested from around the world. She believe in having a strong network to work with to gain more knowledge on Simply Music and its benefits. And to support your own growth as a teacher of this incredible method in learning to play! Below is a link to my brief description of my experience working with the School Of Hard Knocks Institute students.Gala Event Interview KV 13 Sept 2012