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Kelly Natale

Markham, ON, Canada
Advanced Teacher



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Kelly Natale is an Advanced Simply Music teacher with more than 20 years of teaching experience overall.  She has mentored and coached many other Simply Music teachers.  She has hosted numerous teachers conferences and has led workshops and webinars on a regular basis for other teachers.

In her own words:

It is really all about relationships.  Music is a relationship.  Teaching is a relationship.  Teaching is understanding the student, and the process of learning – and providing just the right amount of encouragement, inspiration, challenge and material so that the student maximizes the likelihood of having music as a passionate, lifelong companion.  It really is such a beautiful process. As it develops, strong friendships form between instrument, students, and myself.  Music is a profoundly altering addition to one’s life.

My piano career started with what I considered to be a joke!   “I think you’d make a great piano teacher.”  said Neil Moore – the Simply Music creator….the problem was….I didn’t even know how to play a note of piano!

After much research and deliberation I felt this method was worthy, and indeed, a breakthrough.  Sure enough, I began to learn piano myself and it enabled me to start a studio 6 months later with 18 students, which quickly grew to 30 and then 50 students weekly.

I have taught students of all ages for nearly 2 decades using the Simply Music method.  The results are so impressive with this method!  People of all ages learn very quickly and are able to incorporate music they love.  They are not just learning a collection of songs.  They are learning to be accomplished musicians. The essential ingredient is the enjoyment of the process, not just the result.

I have facilitated the growth of students from complete beginners through to finishing the entire Simply Music program.  The most important thing is following the students’ heart and passion.

Adult students universally  tell me that playing piano is a wonderful way to reduce stress.  Kids just think it is fun.  As an adult who added piano later in life, I can say that of all the skills I have added to my life thus far, music has been the most profoundly nourishing.

Come and learn in an environment with a teacher who loves her students, is passionate about music and has plenty of experience guiding students through the process.