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Licensed Teacher Eastwood, NSW, Australia
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[email protected]




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About me

I also work in the Public School Education System as a casual teacher and as a qualified School Learning Support Officer assisting students with additional needs. My background is a National level competitive tennis player, and  7 years as High School PDHPE Teacher in Sydney.

I am a product of the Simply Music method.  I hadn’t played piano for about 30 years up until 8 years ago when my younger daughter started learning piano at a vibrant the Simply Music piano studio.

I have been teaching Simply Music on and off, parttime for nearly 4 years and I can teach Foundation 1, 2 or 3, the Accompaniment Progamme, Arrangements, Composition and Improvisation, and Reading Rhythm -the first stage of learning how to read music.

I am currently teaching online from my home or, when possible after the lockdown laws are relaxed, I will be teaching from home or if you live locally, I may be able to come to you.

I teach during NSW school terms and can teach during mid-term breaks except for public holidays.

I am able to cater to all ages and try to make my lessons as enjoyable as possible as I believe everyone can learn to play piano using this method no matter what age or previous experience. It might take some people a little longer than others but it’s lots of fun either way!

As a child and young adult, I loved learning to play several instruments and am delighted to be able to teach this very enjoyable and valuable skill to others in a way that is much more effective and fun than my learning experience.

I think it is really a win-win situation and you have nothing to lose by giving it a go but possibly so much to gain if this is even half true!