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Janna Ence

Kaysville, UT, United States
Licensed Teacher


Phone+1 801-633-6729


Hello! I am Janna Ence, a dedicated and passionate piano teacher with a mission to ignite a profound love for music in my students. Over the past 16 years, I have had the privilege of teaching piano, and for the last 8 years, I have been involved with the Simply Music program. My teaching studio offers both private and group lessons, and I take pride in creating a warm and welcoming environment in my home studio.

Teaching the Simply Music program has been a source of immense joy and satisfaction for me. From the very first lesson, I witness my students blossoming with confidence and excitement as they make music from the get-go. My teaching philosophy revolves around making learning a delightful  irrespective of their age or skill level. Piano is for everyone!!!!

To provide my students with the utmost attention and care, I have chosen to offer lessons exclusively during the day. By dedicating my time and energy to daytime sessions, I can better support my own children during those after school hours.

My love for teaching music is boundless, and I find immense fulfillment in witnessing my students develop into confident and skilled pianists.








Program Highlights:

Jonathan’s piano lessons encompass a wide range of essential elements, including:


1. Fundamental Techniques: Comprehensive instruction in proper hand positioning, posture, and finger dexterity to develop a strong technical foundation.


2. Music Theory: A gradual introduction to music theory concepts, empowering students to understand the structure and language of music.


3. Diverse Repertoire: Students are exposed to a diverse repertoire spanning classical masterpieces, jazz standards, contemporary hits, and music of various cultures.


4. Improvisation and Composition: Jonathan encourages creativity through improvisation exercises and opportunities for students to compose their own music.


5. Performance Opportunities: Regular recitals and performance opportunities are provided, helping students build confidence and stage presence.



Jonathan Lee’s dedication to nurturing the musical talents of his students makes him an exceptional piano teacher. Through his patient guidance and comprehensive teaching approach, he empowers students to develop a lifelong passion for music. Whether students are beginners or more advanced players, Jonathan’s commitment to their growth and success ensures a fulfilling and enriching piano learning experience.