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Gladesville, NSW, Australia
Certified Teacher



Piano School

Additional services
  • I provide lessons for online students

Some of my professional qualifications:

Bachelor Degree of Music (Piano performance)

AmusA Associate Diploma in Piano Performance (Australian Music Examination Board)

Masters of Applied Health Science

With more than 15 years teaching, training and learning experiences, I use effective, latest teaching ideas.

If you are keen to play beautiful sounding music (with good ringing tone) while still grow and develop your skills-for self enjoyment and or professional studies, then I can cater for your goal and help you achieve it with ease!

When piano playing is taught by a thoroughly well-trained professional teacher it can help you unlock, learn and understand music a lot easier!-saving you time and unnecessary difficulties…

Lessons will not only be easier to digest (even for the harder concepts) but aim to build a comprehensive, solid foundation. You will be well-prepared not only to go far but also to go well in your future music learning.

Quality counts! So phone now and find out HOW….

Students’ experiences:

From Jane, mother of Kate (5 y.o):

‘Emily is a friendly and caring teacher. She helped my 4 and half y.o to understand and enjoy the pieces she’s playing with interactive, fun games and story telling. It’s great to be able to see my child playing 5 different pieces already! from memory !!”

From Henry-14 years old student:

‘Learning to play [the piano] before I had a lesson with Emily was both stressful and slow. I lost interest in actually enjoying the music that I was playing. Now, after 3 months with Emily I’m not only enjoying the pieces that I’m playing but also learnt better ways to understand the chords and structure of the pieces that I’m playing! It use to take me a year to learn 6 scales, now I can easily play them well in 3 lessons!! I’m excited that I’m working towards been able to sight read a B major piece with 5 sharps a lot easier and faster!’

From Sarah-beginner student in her late 50s:

‘Emily has extensive years of experience in helping her students learn, achieve & unlock their potential. On top of this, she has an AmusA in piano performance and has completed her music studies at Tertiary level. So, I believe others will greatly benefit in the same way that I did, I never thought I can play the piano let alone reading music so quickly and well!’