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Charity Joy

Mesa, AZ, United States
Licensed Teacher


Phone+1 480-220-3448

Songbird Music Studio

Additional services
  • I provide lessons for online students

Hi, I’m Charity, and I love music, people, and teaching! I’ve been singing since I could talk, and playing piano off and on since I was 7. I have a B.A. in Music where studied voice, piano, and more. Then, became a licensed Kindermusik teacher. Even with all this experience, I still struggled to get to the level of piano I desired. A friend, and fellow Simply Music teacher, introduced me to this program and I discovered Simply Music was what I had been missing my whole life! I instantly connected with the approach to playing and learning and now a dream of mine has come true- to sit at the piano and just play! I can finally just sit down, unencumbered, and play beautiful pieces. And teach others how to do the same!