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Catherine Disher

Malanda, QLD, Australia
Certified Teacher


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Catherine Jayne Piano


I first began teaching piano in Australia in the early 2000’s. My original motivation for teaching was to share with others my love of music–and creativity in general. In fact, I did this by teaching at a School of Creative Arts I helped co-found in a small country town in NSW.

Our school offered tuition for a variety of musical instruments, dance, and drama, and (among other things) held annual dramatic productions (such as grassroots Melodrama’s), conducted yearly contemporary piano exams, and provided intermittent musical performers for regional shows, sporting events, and talent quests, etc.

In 2007, I moved to the United States for over eight years. Upon teaching piano in the United States, I embarked on a journey to find a piano curriculum that was fun, interactive, creative, and pedagogical. The reason I did this was because (a) I had grown bored with outdated music methodologies, (b) I desired a method that would introduce a playable piano repertoire for students immediately, and (c) I wanted my students to have fun whilst learning a varied and wholistic curriculum.

One day whilst running a Google search I stumbled upon the ‘Simply Music’ piano method. What first grabbed my attention about the method was that it was Australian. Being Australian, and intrigued by the name, I read through the information Simply Music’s founder Neil Moore had provided. Much of the way Neil described music and demonstrated the program on various YouTube clips, was what I had already begun to explore in my piano studio. I thus became enamoured with the Simply Music method.

Upon teaching the Simply Music piano method to my American students, I saw an impressive change in the way they began to relate to, and grow, in their love of music.

Now that I have returned to Australia, I have begun the second leg of my Simply Music journey. I am very much looking forward to meeting people between the ages of 6 – 99 who possess a strong desire to absorb all that they can from this piano method–because it’s absolutely worth it!