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Carole Wiles

Springfield, OR, United States
Certified Teacher



About The Teacher: I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share the incredible journey of learning to play this marvelous instrument in such a straightforward manner. I love teaching Simply Music! I teach all ages, from 6 years old to 106! As a piano teacher, it is immensely satisfying to see just how it affects students when they can play a song easily and quickly, within moments of sitting down and learning the phrases. I have studied dance and music for most of my life, and came to the piano as a jazz vocalist. i have a background in improvisation and accompaniment. This facilitates a student learning to play songs they hear in their everyday life, whether it be Taylor Swift or Elton John, Adele or Billy Joel. I began teaching simply music in 2009, and after a hiatus from this wonderful city, i have recently moved my studio back to portland oregon. Feel free to call or email me and drop by for a free introductory lesson! You will be glad you did!
Student Testimonials:
Monica Volker: Carole is an inspirational teacher. Her love of piano and the Simply Music Method is contagious. Carole keeps me both challenged and motivated. Her instructions are clear and she tailors each lesson to what I need as a student. l couldn’t have found a better piano teacher. I look forward to each lesson.
Rebecca Black (Lillian’s mother): Simply Music is the best method for learning piano that I’ve ever come across. In just nine months, my seven year old daughter has learned a wide range of musical styles and real songs. As a Simply Music student, my daughter has had a much more genuine musical experience than I ever had as a child growing up with lessons in which I merely had to learn a sheet of music set in front of me. She’s developing an intuitive understanding of how to play and compose music. Carole is passionate about music and her enthusiasm shows in her teaching. She’s kind and friendly while keeping the lessons focused. She presents new skills and techniques at just the right level: challenging without it being so difficult as to cause frustration. She has a great rapport with my daughter and can sense when she’s reached her threshold for taking in new information. Carole is a wonderful teacher and I would highly recommend her to any child or adult interested in learning piano.