Teacher Profile

Brittany Beahm

Fruit Heights, UT, United States
Licensed Teacher





Music has always played an important part in my life. I began formal piano training at the age of 5, and from age 12 on I studied at a university level. My first paid job was playing Christmas music at a department store during the holidays. I loved participating regularly in competitions, workshops, and summer camps, and once in high school I started taking on my own students.
Starting out as a piano performance major in college, I wasn’t excited about teaching the piano method I’d been taught–nor the other methods I was familiar with. I changed my major to English and earned a master’s degree to become a writer and editor.
It wasn’t until my oldest child was ready to begin piano lessons–and I was wondering what method could possibly hold his interest–that I serendipitously found Simply Music.
Now, seven years later, my kids are playing impressive music. They confidently play across genres with the ability to accompany and compose and make variations, knowing far more about how music works than I ever did as a young student. Most of all, they love it!
I’m thrilled to be teaching what is truly a breakthrough method, one I wish I had had as a young pianist and one that I continue to learn from. Simply Music is how anyone and everyone can learn to express themselves musically–and come away loving the process!