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Bernadette Ashby

San Jose, CA, United States
Master Teacher





For the Love of Piano Studio






Bernadette understands Simply Music and the power it carries.  This breakthrough piano method changed her life.  Now she is the longest standing veteran Simply Music teacher in the Bay Area with 20 years of teaching piano lessons in San Jose.  She is a qualified California credentialed teacher with a Masters of Arts in Education and a Master of Arts in Religion.  As a Master Simply Music Teacher, she has coached her colleagues and co-founded the International San Diego Symposium, a training conference for teachers around the world.  She is the author of the best-selling book, A World Where Everyone Playsavailable on Amazon.
As a young child, she always dreamed about playing the piano.  Her parents graciously provided lessons but after a few tries with a few different teachers, she quit.  She felt that it was just too hard.  In her heart of hearts, she believed that she would never be able to play the piano.  But she knew she had music inside of her.
So when her children were of age, she promised herself that she would give them piano lessons.  And she did.  At a home school conference, she found Simply Music.  This literally changed her life.  What she thought was going to be for her children, turned out to be for her.  She couldn’t get enough of playing and eventually decided to become a teacher (at the time, no local teachers taught Simply Music).  That began her amazing journey into the world of music and teaching.  As an adult trained musician, she understands the challenges that students experience.  As a teacher, she is able to encourage students, young and old, to pursue their love of music and piano playing despite the peaks, plateaus, and valleys of playing.  It is her greatest desire for her students to become self-expressed, generative musicians who ultimately acquire a love for the piano.  She is thrilled to be a piano teacher San Jose.