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Amy Gillispie

Florence, KY, United States
Licensed Teacher





Hi Musical People,

One of my goals is to “Build Brilliant Musicians” – musicians who can just sit down and play! Another one of my goals is to continue connecting music with the space it creates.

I have spent the greater part of my life either playing music or dancing with it. (As the primary organist, by the age of twelve, I played the organ and piano for our church for more than ten years.) I tried the “serious” career musician track one year at Interlocken Music Arts Camp, but learned that I enjoyed playing more for fun- without the pressure of 100% perfection.) In college, my heart transitioned from music and dance to architecture. I found that by using my early training, I could create spaces from the elements music and dance.

Since grad school, I have spent most of my time teaching (my children or others). Beyond our homeschooling curriculum, I have designed curriculum for subjects such as: architecture, art, dance, music, photography, theater and writing (most often online @ http://www.buildingbrilliantmindsonline.com). Connecting all of my interests and talents, I found my “arts nitch” and have been blessed to teach many students from around the world.

I fell in love with Simply Music while trying to find a way to teach my children how to play. I just couldn’t commit myself, or them, to the traditional approach. It bored us to tears. We found our “musical education cozy spot” with Simply Music. From all angles, the program is fantasic! It is a huge blessing to help “Build Brilliant Musicians”.

I am accepting online students and a few students in the Northern Kentucky area.