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What Song Opens Your Memory Floodgates?

Written by Mel Karajas on

All it takes is a song. Not just any song though, THE song… The one that grabs your attention when you’ve had the radio on for hours but have to drop everything right now because it’s transported you back in time….

Sparking Memories with Music & Dan Cohen

Written by Neil Moore on

  To watch the amazing documentary Alive Inside and see the transformation in people through the simple act of listening to music, is a beautiful demonstration of the healing power of music.  Here, Neil Moore talks with Dan Cohen, the…

Alive Inside – Movie Review

Written by Music and Memory on

From Alzheimer’s and dementia are a reality for an increasing and often unseen population. Though well intentioned, many nursing homes are not equipped to fully meet the needs of these residents. We are left with several questions without any…

When All Else Disappears, Music Remains

Written by Mel Karajas on

My name is Mel Karajas and I am the coordinator of The Playground. After watching the ‘Henry’ clip from Alive Inside and learning more about Music & Memory, I wanted to be involved in whatever way possible. In this special…